15 Swaggering Golf Shirts That Are Anything But Par for the Course

The best golf shirts for men are way better than you remember. Only a few years ago, the average polo on the PGA Tour used to share more in common with a NASCAR racing suit than a shirt you’d actually want to wear at your local club. (Mortgage lending and insurance logos might pay the bills, but let’s be real: is there anything less cool?) Luckily, for those of us who aren’t obligated to shill shady financial products while out sinking putts, there’s a grip of links-ready shirts available right now that look great while still delivering on everything you want from an on-course polo: movability, breathability, and—most important—head-turning style

If you’re in desperate need of a handful of tap-ins, the usual suspects have you covered. But if you really want to school the competition, there’s an onslaught of upstart brands taking the golf shirt to territory it’s never been before. We’re talking retro-inspired knits, boldly-printed button-ups, and plenty of other options to give you the confidence you need to at least look like you’re about to go low. In other words, we’re talking the absolute best golf shirts for men. 

What happens over the course of 18 holes is still on you, but at least you’ll be the best-dressed person in your foursome.

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