19 Red-Hot Nike Sneakers to Add to Your Rotation Immediately

Homing in on the best Nike shoes for men is worth the grunt work. Since setting up shop in the mid-’60s, the Portland-based juggernaut has churned out one hit sneaker after another, expanding into lifestyle footwear while upholding its commitment to athletic excellence each step of the way.

Nike running shoes helped Eliud Kipchoge smash the marathon record, motivating hordes of average Joes to break PRs of their own on tracks and treadmills around the globe. Nike soccer shoes helped Ronaldo capture a World Cup, inspiring throngs of young hopefuls to drag ramshackle soccer goals out to the backyard for one more go. Nike basketball shoes helped Lebron, Kyrie, and a whole host of supporting cast members—Matt Dellavedova, what’s good!—bring the ‘ship back to Cleveland, bolstering an entire city’s spirits in the process. (In 1984, the then-fledgling company also backed a little-known UNC graduate named Michael Jordan, whose own sneaker label warrants a list all its own.)

Today, the brand sells just about everything tangentially related to the sporting life, but its sneakers remain the crown jewel of the business, polished to sparkling perfection by so much savvy marketing the Clio committee should move its offices to Oregon. So the best Nike shoes for men prove why the Swoosh is still miles—and many, many dollars—ahead of the competition, no matter how many 350s the competition sells. (Sorry, Adidas. Numbers don’t lie.) To help you lace up like the pros, we compiled every single Swoosh silhouette you should know, each of ’em primed to make you fee like the star of your very own triumphant Wieden+Kennedy spot. Cue the soaring orchestral soundtrack: this is your moment.

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