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A ceremony was held in Lahore on Sunday to pay tribute to the veterans from the Bihari community and officers who fought the 1971 war.

The event was organised to acknowledge and honour the gallant actions and sacrifices of soldiers, particularly those from the Bihari community who were part of the Civil Armed Forces of erstwhile East Pakistan during the 1971 War.

More than 263 individuals, including veterans and their relatives, attended the ceremony and received commemorative shields.

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Earlier, similar ceremonies were also held in Malir, Karachi and Hyderabad to pay tribute to the veterans for their acts of valour during the war.

The remembrance of the 1971 events comes as the nation mourns the death of Lt Col (retd) Sultan Mohammed Khan Mengal, Pakistan Army’s oldest veteran, who passed away in Quetta earlier this month at the age of 103.

Col Mengal, a keen soldier and an adventurist, climbed, walked, skied, sailed and rowed through all of Pakistan’s natural terrain on many expeditions, he added.

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