2021’s Rarest Levi’s Collaboration Is Back for a Another Go-Round

Back in April, Bentgablenits—the Toronto upcycling outfit, founded by interior designers Brenda Bent and Karen Gable alongside vintage fashion collector Angelo Nitsopoulos—fired off an absolute heatseeking rocket of a Levi’s collaboration. It was a perfect introductory handshake to the rising young label: beautiful vintage Levi’s trucker jackets and jeans—selected by Nitsopolous straight out of the denim giant’s archives—made even more beautiful via hand-embroidered florals by Bent and Gable. Naturally, the entire drop sold out quicker than you can pronounce “Bentgablenits” three times correctly. 

Taran Sodhi
Taran Sodhi

Now, the trio is closing out their banner year with the sequel. This time out, there are two colorways of Canadian tuxedos to choose from—classic washed indigo, along with a Bentgablenits exclusive black denim version—each adorned with hand-dyed and stitched elements taken from antique tablecloths and runners. 

The collection dropped this morning on both Levi’s and Bentgablenits—and while this second release is larger than the last, there’s still a highly limited number of pieces up for grabs given all the painstaking handiwork involved. Which means if you’re looking to get your hands on the rarest, most covetable Levi’s collaboration of the year, you’d best hurry

Bentgablenits x Levi’s vintage black 501 jeans

Bentgablenits x Levi’s vintage blue trucker jacket

Bentgablenits x Levi’s vintage blue 501 jeans

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