21 Gold Bracelets to Spice Up Your Simplest Fits

Like a healthy dusting of parmesan on a meaty New York slice, the best gold bracelets for men will take your outfits from mouthwatering midday-snack to gut-busting, no-need-for-dinner meal. (And much like that ‘za, you’ll be positively dripping in sauce.) Running errands in a plain white tee and faded blue jeans? Add a gold bracelet to the mix and your top-of-the-hamper look is now date-night-ready. Bumming around the house in a fuzzy sweater and Cheetos-stained Dickies? Nothing will look better jangling beneath your shirt sleeve when you step out for an early-morning caffeine fix.

Gold in any form remains a cut above its stainless steel or sterling silver counterparts. Spring for the primo stuff and you’ll wind up with a future heirloom that proves to your Gen-whatever grandkids ol’ Pops wasn’t always a teetering dodder. But spend a little less scratch and you can still harness the same cool, sans the the ding on your credit card—and frantic call from the bank.

If you’ve got some winter fits in need of a little extra seasoning, a well-chosen piece of gold jewelry is the only topping you should reach for. So to help you join the men’s jewelry renaissance in gilded fashion, we rounded up 21 of the bling-iest, baller-iest, absolute best gold bracelets for men on the market right now. Trust us: Your wrist deserves the upgrade.

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