26 Gifts for Your Brother That’ll Help Him Reach His Full Potential

No matter what the sibling dynamics—we hate to infer anything—shopping for the best gifts for brothers (and spiritual brothers, let’s not discount our best friends) should ideally turn up options that are more imaginative than a pack of tube socks. For a little brother who is still effectively a kid that might mean something in the video game category, and for your cooler older brother you might be better off with a minimalist slipper or a slick jacket. When it comes to your new brother-in-law, probably safe to select something guaranteed to be useful, like a grooming gift set.

For the latest installment of our gift guide series, we’ve turned up some thoughtful gift ideas for brothers to get the creative juices flowing. That includes fitness devices and CBD rubs for the guy who’s trying to get swole, set-it-and-forget-it cooking devices for the brother who has never really mastered the art of cooking, gadgets for the designated family photographer or music lover, and a host of comfy crowd-pleasers for the bro who’s going to spend the holiday season curled up on the couch. 

With the holidays just around the corner, and breakdowns in the global supply chain forecasted, we’d suggest shopping earlier this season to avoid stock issues and longer-than-usual shipping windows. Here, some of the best gifts for brothers of all kinds.

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