Abercrombie’s $50 Knit Polos Have No Business Being This Good

At GQ Recommends, we’re all about value-add. But unlike your buddy gunning for his third degree in an obscure branch of ontology, the value we add is actually tangible. The meaning of life? Free will? Nurture vs. nature? Please! Mere child’s play. The questions that keep us up at night might skew a touch more practical on paper, but they’re no less existential in practice. A few weeks ago, we addressed one of them in the form of a knit polo from Abercrombie, a star contributor to last month’s seminar on “What to Wear Today”. And now we’re quadrupling-down. Not only does the mall-brand mainstay make a killer knit polo, they make a whole week’s worth of ‘em—in thoughtful prints and patterns befitting the rigorous intellectual nature of our agenda. 

If you’re shocked to see the brand sharing space with the type of glossy, big-name designers routinely spotlighted here, you shouldn’t be. There’s a veritable renaissance happening in big-box retailers across the country right now (J.Crew is a great place to start) which means for a little over 50 bucks a pop, you can snag a whole week’s worth of killer outfits for substantially less than it costs to follow through on a PhD. Sometimes, good things happen to good people. Tell that to your doctorate-wielding pals—and then direct them to Abercrombie’s site to end the argument once and for all.

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