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Rapidly rising inflation, a shrinking job market and the arrival of winter have unexpectedly opened up a new avenue of earning for the young and unemployed; selling roasted peanuts, chickpeas, corn and sunflower seeds on a pushcart equipped with a modern kiln.

This particular kiln is a product of a modern technology that can run not only on wood fire, but also works equally well when powered by a car battery.

Muhammad Kamran is one of the beneficiaries of the invention. After studying till the intermediate level, the youngster searched high and low for a job, paying a decent salary, but failed in finding one.

“I followed a friend’s advice, borrowed some money and purchased this cart for Rs25,000,” said Kamran. “The kiln on this cart works wonders, and I earn a respectable sum every day by selling roasted peanuts, chickpeas, corn and sunflower seeds.”

He added that whatever income he generates from the business is sufficient for him and he is a proud man standing on his own feet rather than resorting to seeking charity. He further said that with the temperature dropping gradually, the demand for his wares was increasing.

Gulfam, another vendor in the same business, shared that prior to the introduction of this handy technology, a kiln had to be installed in a shop to roast nuts and dry fruit, which required investing a larger amount than what he spent on this cart.

Outlining another major benefit of his venture, he said that pushing the cart around the city and parking it in spots where the crowd is the thickest not only ensure swift earning, but is also a convenience for their potential customers who can buy on the spot instead of making a special visit to shops.

Gulfam claimed that roasted edibles prepared in this kiln are mouthwateringly delicious, warms up the body in cold weather and are packed with energy-inducing nutrients.

He counted students of schools and colleges, passengers waiting for buses and women out for shopping among his favourite customers who provide a major part of his earnings.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 21st, 2021.

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