Apple to increase App Store prices in some regions

Citing taxes and exchange rates, Apple is increasing the prices for apps in some countries and re-adjusting developers’ cuts in others. Apps will become more expensive in Bahrain, Ukraine and Zimbabwe. The VAT is upped from 5 to 10% in Bahrain, Ukraine gets a 20% VAT while users in Zimbabwe will have to pay 5% more because of the new digital service tax.

Oman is also introducing a 5% VAT, while The Bahamans and Tajikistan, are seeing lower taxes this year. However, the end price won’t change in these App Stores, as Apple is adjusting the developers’ cut to offset the changes.

The same goes for Austria where the VAT rate goes up to 10% for e-books and audiobooks, Latvia decreases the VAT for e-books and audiobooks from 21 to 5% and Romania is lowering its VAT from 19 to 5%, again on e-books and audiobooks.

Apple clarifies that it’s up to developers offering apps in the last six countries to decide whether or not they will adjust their prices to account for the changes.


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