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Body parts of an unidentified man were recovered from a field on Samundari Road on Monday.

Adil Hussain, a resident of 274 RB, told police that during the process of harvesting in his sugarcane crop field, various organs of a human body were lying inside, which included a skull and other body parts.

Police said the unidentified victim was killed by undented suspects and his body parts were thrown in a sugarcane field. Police shifted the organs to a hospital after registering the case.

Horrifying cases in where murder victims were found into pieces are not uncommon in the province.

On February 24, a woman was allegedly axed to death in Kurrianwala. Police said unidentified persons hit a woman with axes, cut her body into various pieces and threw in Sam Nala.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 7th, 2021.

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