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Almost 20 days after the oath-taking of public representatives and election of vice presidents of Rawalpindi and Chaklala Cantonments Boards, different committees could not be formed to run important matters.

The public representatives could not be fully empowered due to the absence of these committees.

The decision to form these committees was taken in the first meetings of both cantonment boards. The decision to hold second board meetings to solve important public issues could also be not implemented.

After the election of Malik Munir Ahmed of PML-N as vice president of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board and Chaudhry Genghis Khan of PML-N as vice president of Chaklala Cantonment Board in board meetings, it was announced that committees would be notified for resolving public issues, which will be headed by public representatives.

Under the plan, four committees of building and assessment, and two committees each of sanitation, accounts, education and mediation would be formed, so that building plans approval, new taxation assessment, and ward-wise cleanliness could be carried out.

The formation of these committees was one of the most important requirements, but they could not be set up until now. People are suffering due to the absence of these committees as elected representatives’ role has been confined to the verification of documents only.

Elected public representatives have proposed schemes in their wards for construction and development, sanitation, street lights, construction and repair of streets, but due to lack of board meetings, these proposals have remained in files.

According to sources, approval of pending building plans, non-issuance of previously approved building plans and other issues have been delayed due to the non-convening of board meetings.

Government officials dispose of the matter without the consultation of public representatives, who are waiting for the formation of committees to carry out important matters.

PML-N has nine members in the 10-member house of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board, while in the Chaklala Cantonment Board, PML-N has six, Jamaat Islami has three, the PTI has two members while one member is independent.

According to an agreement between the PML-N and the Jamaat Islami, PML-N’s Chaudhry Genghis Khan will be vice-president for two years and Khalid Mahmood Mirza of JI will be the vice president for the next two years.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 16th, 2021.

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