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Negotiations between the Cantonment boards administration and the All-Pakistan Private Schools and Colleges Associations (APPSA) to de-seal 36 schools within the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi and Chaklala Cantonment Boards have failed again.

The Cantonment administration has taken the stance saying that the Supreme Court, in its order, has stopped the sealing of schools but its verdict was silent on de-sealing the already closed down schools.

The administration said that the sealed schools will not be de-sealed until further orders from the competent authorities.

As a result, the 36 sealed schools will not be opened on January 14 after the winter break, while all public and private schools in the Rawalpindi district will resume classes from January 14.

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Following the failure of the negotiations, the APPSA has decided to approach the apex court and meet the secretary of defence on Wednesday to discuss the issue.

The Cantonment administration has said that they will follow the orders of the Ministry of Defence for de-sealing the schools.

APPSA divisional president Irfan Muzaffar Kayani said that the negotiation with the executive officer of the Chaklala board regarding the de-sealing of schools did not produce any breakthrough. “However, the executive officer was sympathetic,” he said.

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The executive officer, on the other hand, said that he has informed the competent authorities about the situation and that further action will be taken after a formal response from them.

He said that no school will further be sealed in Cantonment areas. He said that NOCs will not be issued to open any new private school until the new policy was formulated enacted.

Raja Ilyas, central president of the association, said that they will put in their complete efforts to get the schools de-sealed within two days.

He said that offices of other schools have been opened and teaching and non-teaching staff had been called for attendance.  The schools’ management said that examinations will be conducted within one week after schools were re-opened.

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