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Additional Deputy Commissioner Abbottabad Shahab Mohammad Khan Monday said that our country Pakistan was established under the two nation theory, one separate region for Hindus and another separate country where people of various faiths are living.

He was addressing an interfaith harmony conference organised by District Administration Abbottabad on Monday.

Mufti Abdul Wajid, Zakir Paul, Syed Waqar Hussain Shah, Mufti Azhar Mahmood Hazarawi, Peter Noor Gul, Maulana Abdul Waheed, Father Nasir Welam, Hazrat Azmat Hussain Shah and others addressed the gathering.

Assistant Commissioner Abbottabad Muhammad Ahsan Ahsan, Additional Assistant Commissioner Aminul Hassan, District Officers, children from different schools and others also attended the interfaith harmony conference. He added that people of Pakistan from every religion are living their lives freely and safely.

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Similarly, the flag of Pakistan was divided into two parts where larger shows Muslims and smaller for minorities.

Addressing the conference, speakers from other religions said that when India was divided, we felt more secure in Pakistan and Islam so our forefathers had migrated here. “We have to end the intolerance from our society, we are sending a message to the people of all faiths that Pakistan is a country of all religions and nations.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 21st, 2021.

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