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The demand for closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras for use in residential and commercial areas has increased because of the rising crimes in Rawalpindi.

A trader named Yasir Butt said that cameras were previously only used at the most sensitive buildings and installations, but things were much different now. He said that cameras were being installed at the earliest before the start of any business. He said that the cameras were useful in keeping an eye on the staff and recording crime incidents.

Butt said that police also demand CCTV footage after the happening of a crime incident. “The footage helps them trace the suspects during the investigation process,” he said.

Muhammad Jamil, who has a shop in Electronics Market on College Road, said he had been in the business of CCTV cameras for the last 25 years. He said that in the past, only big businessmen purchased these cameras, however, the sale of cameras has increased with the increasing use of smartphones. The trader said the buyers link their cameras with their smartphones so that they could monitor their homes or workplaces from anywhere.

Jamil said the cameras are imported from China, Korea, Thailand, and Japan. He said that a CCTV system having two cameras cost a minimum of Rs15,000.

He said the cable connecting the camera with the recording box is far more expensive than the device, and its price varies with the length required. Jamil also said the CCTV cameras come with night-vision, black-and-white or colour recording.

He said that cameras having different features are available in the market. He said the people linked with this business were making a good living due to the high demand for CCTV cameras. Jamil said the demand for locally-manufactured CCTV cameras was quite low, but imported ones sell like hotcakes.

Besides the obvious security benefits, the security cameras help them to keep an eye on the activities in their establishment despite their absence and provide directions where necessary.

Some business owners have even connected these cameras to the internet and can access a live stream from their establishments either on their mobile phones or their computers.


Published in The Express Tribune, December 13th, 2021.

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