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The demand for warm winter clothes has seen a sharp rise in Rawalpindi after temperatures have registered a significant decrease in recent days.

With the increase in cold, the rates of warm clothes have increased in the flea market as well as major clothing stores.

The prices of warm clothes in the flea markets, where often low-income group people buy things, have also increased due to the increased taxes on imports.

Clothing brands have also increased the prices of warm and new sweaters which start from Rs3,500.

Jackets and coats of children were available between Rs4,000 to Rs8,000 while mufflers of children were available between Rs200 to Rs 400. A pair of socks is available for up to Rs250.

Overcoats for children were available from Rs5,000 to Rs9,000 while overcoats for elders was available between Rs7,000 and Rs15,000. Shawls are available between the range of Rs5,000 and Rs8,000.

Further, rates of warm clothes in the flea markets have also surged due to heavy taxes on imported items. Second-hand sweaters are available between the range of Rs150 and Rs500 while coats were available for up to Rs300. Shawls in the flea markets are available between Rs200 and Rs400 while sweaters for elders were available between Rs250 and Rs700.

In the flea markets, socks are available for up to Rs120 while mufflers were available for up to Rs 100. In the Hoodies were being sold at Rs300 and warm shoes for up to Rs 300.

Shopkeepers in the flea markets including Haji Nawaz, Ajmal Khan and Asghar Mehmood said that the import duty on second-hand clothes had been enhanced. They said the cost of transportation has also increased.

They said that the prices of second-hand clothes could be decreased by half if the import duty was waived.

On the other hand, store owners including Shaukat and Idrees Khan said that prices of raw materials for new clothes have increased by up to 150 per cent along with the labour cost.

They said that these factors have caused the increase in the prices of new clothes.

They said different stores have also put on display clothes of last year for sale where up to 40 per cent discount was being offered.


Published in The Express Tribune, November 22nd, 2021.

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