Everyone’s Favorite ‘House Hunters International’ Realtor Has Stories to Tell

And now you’re the fan favorite.

I still am trying to come to terms with that, because I do get emails from people and now when the couples kind of turn up for the house hunt, they’re often quite excited to meet me. They’re spotting me in Rome, Montreal, all over the place. It’s always great fun to meet people who are fans of the show.

What do people usually say?

I was cycling through Bloomsbury a few months ago and someone shouted at the top of their voice, “Richard!” I thought it must be someone I was at school with or hadn’t seen here for a long time. He sort of calmed himself down and said, “Sorry, you won’t know who I am.” He was a House Hunters fan.

How do you go about finding the apartments that you show people?

I find properties through contacts and friends and it’s a team effort, really. The producers help find properties too. We are limited sometimes, because it’s not just the properties we’d like to show—it’s the properties we’d like to show and those that are prepared to let us film. Not everyone wants their properties to be filmed, so that sometimes reduces our pool of properties a little bit.

What sort of conversations do you have with the participants ahead of time to suss out what they want?

Usually the producers will have quite a long conversation with them at the beginning. I don’t have too much involvement until we have the meet and greet so that it’s a surprise and it’s as natural as possible. We’re always aiming for that, really.

You’re known for always keeping a calm and cheerful demeanor even when the participants are being extremely demanding. Would you say that you’re more annoyed on the inside than you let on?

People often ask me about this. I never forget that it’s a big decision choosing a home. Also, people coming on the show are going on a big adventure, aren’t they? They want to get it right. They’re spending a lot of money traveling across the world. What I love about the show is it’s not just looking for a property, it’s also a transition from one culture to another. So that’s why I’m very generous, really, about people’s persnicketiness. In a way, it makes the show more interesting, doesn’t it, if people ask ridiculous things? I try my best to stay as calm as possible.

I mean, the classic things that people want are massive refrigerators. People have to get used to the fact that we don’t tend to have laundry rooms in properties in London, for example. We often have quirky things like dryers that you pull up on ropes, so stuff like that that I try to have as much fun as possible with.

Do I get exasperated sometimes? Perhaps sometimes a little bit frustrated, but what’s the point in showing that frustration? We do those side interviews sometimes and the director can be a bit cheeky sometimes to try and get me to confess how I might really be feeling. But my job is to try and make the client as happy as possible. I try to be a bit cheeky and ironic sometimes with some of the stuff I say on camera but, at the end of the day, you want to be as accommodating as possible.

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