Google Chrome 97 beta changes the way you manage cookies and site data

Google just released version 96 of its Chrome browser, which is now looking more in line with Windows 11’s UI. Along with the stable Chrome 96 release, the search giant also announced Chrome 97 beta with a new privacy feature. Or rather a revamp of an already existing one.

The new menu puts all the site data into one place so you can easily track which sites are storing data on your computer. That includes cookies, of course. The new controls over site data are located in the same sub-menu – Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > View permissions and data stored across files.

Old settings vs. new settings

Old settings vs. new settings

With the introduction of the new menu, Google is getting rid of the granular controls over cookies and site data. The reason behind this change is that Google thinks it’s more straightforward to the mainstream user and it’s likely to lead to some broken experience on certain websites. Still, these options will still be available to developers in DevTools.

Lastly, Chrome 97 beta includes support for WebTransport API and CSS media queries for checking the HDR support status of a given device.


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