Google Pixel foldable animation indicates squarish aspect

Following Wednesday’s release of Android 12L’s second Beta build, 9to5Google reports about some visual assets found within the new build. Specifically, some new animations contained in the build reveal the unreleased Google Pixel foldable device.

When in the SIM setup page of the Pixel, an animation will usually show how to pop open the SIM tray to insert a SIM card. One of the animations contained depict the foldable codenamed “Pipit”. 9to5Google explains the possibility that the following animation may not be finalized or could even be removed before the public release of Android 12L.

There are two animations: one with the foldable closed, and another when it’s opened. We can see that the foldable shown is not so tall and narrow like the Galaxy Z Fold3, but a bit wider like the recently released Oppo Find N. The volume rocker is also seen in the image and since there’s no power button visible, we can speculate it may be flush with the frame and contains an integrated fingerprint scanner.

Thanks to some visual calculations performed by 9to5Google, the foldable could feature a 7:8 aspect ratio for its internal display. This display was previously reported to measure 7.6 inches.

We can presume that the Pixel foldable may still be under development. Back in November, a report pointed out that Google cancelled parts orders with suppliers for said foldable. The DSCC (Digital Supply Chain Consultants) reported that a Pixel Foldable wouldn’t be a possibility until H2 of 2022.


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