Google’s Pixel Fold may have just run Geekbench under the Felix moniker

Google’s long-awaited Pixel Fold may be, in fact, happening again. A device with the moniker Google Felix, rumored to be the Pixel Fold, has made the run on Geekbench, suggesting that the device is in fact in testing and will become official next year.

The Google Felix could be mistaken for a Pixel 7 Pro as it has a Tensor G2 chipset with 12GB of RAM. The specs are identical to Pixel 7 Pro-run Geekbench scores.

The Google Pixel Fold also looks quite a bit like a Pixel 7 Pro. It has dual glass panels with a steel frame in between, and a triple camera, which could very well have the same 0.5x-1x-5x setup.

Rumor has it that the Pixel Fold will have an 8-inch inner display and a 6.19-inch cover display, rated at up to 120Hz. There are also two cutouts for a 9.5MP selfie camera on each. The price is estimated to be around $1,800 at launch.

Google's Pixel Fold may have just run Geekbench under the Felix moniker

That launch is, once again, rumored to be at Google I/O, which is happening in May 2023.

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