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Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that the government is going to launch a historic welfare scheme of Naya Pakistan Sehat Card from January whereas Sahet Card has already been given to the people in DG Khan and Sahiwal divisions. In the first phase, Naya Pakistan Sehat Card programme will be started from Lahore division and after that the same will be launched in 6 other divisions of the province.

He said that every family in Punjab would have a Naya Pakistan Sehat Card by March 31. He further maintained that every family would be able to get access to free treatment facility up to one million rupees per annum against one Naya Pakistan Sehat Card adding that 30 million families and over 100 million people would be benefited from this card.

Usman Buzdar termed this initiative a big step towards a new Pakistan, and the completion of another promise made by Prime Minister Imran Khan to the nation. The incumbent government had paid more attention to further improve the health facilities as this sector was badly neglected in previous regimes. The budget of the health sector was Rs169 billion in the previous government, while the present government had made a substantial increase and allocated Rs399 billion in this sector.

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He said that for the first time in the history of Punjab such a hefty amount had been allocated for the improvement of the health sector besides setting up eight Mother & Child Hospitals in the backward districts including Lahore. He said that the previous government didn’t think about such a welfare-oriented project like the Naya Pakistan Sehat Card. The card would ensure the best medical facilities to the common man and his family. It was not just a card but a comprehensive programme for realizing the problems of the common man besides resolving them, he concluded.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said that the Opposition was only doing politics on non-issues as these people had no agenda. There was chaos in the ranks of the Opposition, and the rejected elements, just to gain political mileage, were criticizing for the sake of criticism.

The nation had not yet forgotten the lootings of the past. Those who were leveling baseless allegations should first look into their pockets soaked with corruption. He said that the politics of those who had ruthlessly looted the country had been ended forever, and the era of befooling the people with hollow slogans had passed.

He further stated that the PTI government by taking practical measures for the welfare of the people was fulfilling its promises. Pakistan had got a true and sincere leader in the form of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said that the present government had completed those developmental projects which the previous governments could not do in years. “No one will be allowed to create hindrance in the way of development,” the CM warned.


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