Huawei and Oppo announce a cross-licensing agreement

In a short press release, Huawei and Oppo announced their new cross-licensing agreement. The patents involve technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi and audio/video codecs.

Since the announcement doesn’t go into details, one would assume that Huawei is providing the connectivity know-how while Oppo will supply Huawei with patents regarding audio and video. As some of you may know, Oppo has a long history in high-quality audio and video consumer electronics.

The statement says it’s a win-win situation for both companies and we tend to agree. Due to US sanctions, Huawei has been backed into a corner, so a cross-licensing agreement with Oppo may ensure that some 5G technologies will finally be leveraged by a company selling products outside China. Only time will reveal the true scope of this cooperation.


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