Huawei Watch D will measure blood pressure with a special attachable strap

Smart wearables have been adopting more and more health-related features, and after several companies introducing ECG to their watches, Samsung decided to go one step further and introduce a blood pressure-measuring to the Watch3 through a small sensor. That one required initial setup using a dedicated blood pressure measurement device, though.

Huawei reportedly is going one step further with its upcoming Watch D to provide accurate BP readings on its own. According to leaked user guide video, the wearable will have an inflatable accessory that goes on the inside of the strap. It will support two different sizes of straps that connect to the watch through pins and to the band with rubber buttons.

To get a clear reading, the you must be sitting in a specific position with the watch-wearing arm touching the opposite shoulder and the wearable itself not touching the chest.

Huawei Watch D accessories

Huawei Watch D accessories

The Watch D is reportedly coming with 32MB RAM and 4GB storage. It can be connected through Bluetooth to a phone or earphones. Sources suggest a price tag of CNY2,998, which is $470, and while there isn’t any confirmation on the cost or whether the watch can work independently, for such a price it better come with some sort of SIM slot.

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