“I’m in Vegas, and I’m Loud”: Usher Breaks Down His Caesars Palace Looks

“These leather pants are based on a classic Levi’s silhouette, and Chrome Hearts added all of the silver hardware. Those are Chrome Heart crosses embellished on the pants. I designed this with them. We recreated these pants from an MTV Awards performance.

This is like ‘Nice and Slow,’ ‘Burn,’ ‘U Got It Bad,’ ‘Climax.’ It was a throwback moment, a heated moment for the audience. This is the less-dancing part of the show when it gets very sensual. Less is more here.”

Usher during his residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.Courtesy of Thomas Falcone.

“I decided to do this piece because it was a statement about Atlanta, hip-hop, R&B. Everything about the show is our culture. The culture of the South and what Atlanta has offered to the world as a lifestyle. Atlanta dresses differently than anybody else. How we put shit together, how we feel about what we have on, and how we influence culture—I’m in the middle of that.

Me and Kerby Jean-Raymond created this look, a double-breasted all-leather suit. The art is the OutKast album cover for Stankonia. There were all of these restrictions that made it hard to produce at the time. So we ended up designing outfits and then having my tailors perfect those if we couldn’t get certain materials—specifically me and Kerby with Pyer Moss. This was Atlanta coming to Las Vegas.”

Usher.Courtesy of Thomas Falcone

“This right here was a night out, man. You see that Chrome Hearts drip on my hands, on my neck. Glasses out. I think I’m the only dude wearing shades in the club. And thank God I had Savage x Fenty to dress the ladies because her lingerie played an incredible role in the overall fashion story.

We’re inside Ush City, and this is a double-breasted all-leather Mike Amiri suit with a studded mesh tank top by Ami. Mike Amiri does a really good job of taking classic suit silhouettes. There’s a boot cut to it that helps the shoe look really, really cool.

Now, I want you to know this is all retro. We’re getting ready to do another show at an entirely different venue, and it’s an entirely different experience. This new world is a little bit of the Harlem Renaissance. It’s a little bit of New Orleans, early Atlanta. My plan is to be more suited. Of course, I’m gonna, you know, embellish and accentuate certain things because it is for the stage. But I’m thinking a little bit more classic. I’m not sure how gaudy this one is going to be.”

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