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The National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (NIFTH) – Lok Virsa, in collaboration with foreign and Pakistani artists, inaugurated a month-long International Digital Art Exhibition titled “Compassionate Women: Kindness in action” on Tuesday.

British-based educationist-cum artist Anum Farooq is the initiator of the project.

It provides a unique opportunity for participation in an international digital exhibition, with a focus on ‘women and compassion’, said Lok Virsa Executive Director Talha Ali.

The exhibition will be viewed on the Arhaaze official website from Tuesday until January 7, 2022.

Different kinds of artists: emerging, established, and self-taught, were encouraged to spearhead the change in the cultural zeitgeist on a global scale.

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The event is an opportunity for women in Pakistan to initiate a conversation through art about their experiences on a global scale.

It would help cement the impact of compassionate acts, that the artist had either given or received.

Several top position holders were selected for the international exhibition.

Selected artists will also be considered for a physical rotating exhibition in prestigious community art platforms in Pakistan.

The exhibition is an intimate art conversation on global perspectives with artists from Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, UAE, Nigeria, Morocco, USA, France, Belgi,um and Romania.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 8th, 2021.

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