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The Rawalpindi Kite Flying Association has formally announced celebration of the Basant festival next month with fanfare.

This recent decision comes in spite of a complete ban already imposed by the administration on kite flying.

However, the association has released a schedule for the celebration regardless. According to this schedule, the festival will be celebrated in the cantonment area on February 11 and in the city area on February 18.

The association has also warned the district administration and the police not to confront ‘Patang Baz Sajno,’ because they would celebrate the festival either way. On the Basant day, they generally defy the ban in place, and fly kites across the city.

However, according to the schedule, Basant night in Cantt will be only be celebrated on Thursday, during which time, only white kites will be flown.

Kite Flying Association Chairman Iqbal Hussain said that preparations for the festival were in full swing. “We have banned aerial firing and the use of metallic strings during Basant celebrations,” he added.

Meanwhile, the police and district administration have decided to stop kite flying during Basant at any cost. Strict orders have been issued to stop violation of the ban.

The Station Head Officers (SHOs) of every police station have been directed to form special squads to stop kite flying, and also to provide ladders to its teams on the Basant day.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 9th, 2022.

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