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While both the treasury and opposition lawmakers in Punjab Assembly came down hard over the government’s alleged negligence regarding shortage of fertilisers in the province, a member of the Panel of Chairpersons also cautioned about an increase in the prices of the agricultural input in coming months.

The matter came under discussion after a PTI lawmaker raised voice over shortage of fertilisers. Lawmakers from both the treasury and opposition benches said fertilisers were being sold on exorbitant rates but the government had not taken any concrete measure to protect the farmers.

A PTI MPA said farmers were not being provided fertilisers, owing to which they are facing severe problems.

Agriculture Minister Syed Hussain Jahania Gardezi dispelled the impression that fertilisers were being sold in black market, adding that there were some complaints at the initial stage but the government had brought the situation under control.

However, he vowed to take action if he is informed about any problems in this regard.

The minister said the government had launched the fertiliser Punjab portal through which complaints were received about the supply. He said fines were being imposed and cases registered against those found involved in violating he relevant laws.

Panel of Chairpersons’ member Mian Shafi also said, “Punjab is facing shortage of fertilisers”. He cautioned that if the circumstances remained unchanged, the prices might increase to Rs10,000 in March and April.

PML-N’s Rana Muhammad Iqbal said the shortage of fertilisers had ruined the agriculture sector but the government was doing nothing to address the complaints except making tall claims.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 21st, 2021.

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