Letter: There’s still a price to pay for cosmopolitanism

I lived through an uncannily similar experience to that of Simon Kuper gaining French nationality (“Why becoming French is like winning the lottery”, FT Magazine, Weekend FT, March 19).

My wife, a non-European, had already been through the process. When like Kuper Brexit deprived me of my European status, I too took steps to take French nationality.

But I wonder if your columnist received the same communication through the post?

The first official document I received from the authorities, apart from a passport and identity card, was a voter’s card signed by the mayor of Paris who is standing in the presidential election in just over three weeks’ time.

When asked by the interviewer during my application how long I had been living in France, I was able to answer “longer than you have” and yet I have never been allowed to vote in general or presidential elections either in the UK or in France for the 40 years I have been living in France.

There is still a price to pay for cosmopolitanism.

Christopher Knee
Paris, France

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