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In an enormously generous act of compassion, McDonald’s Murree opened its doors to the stranded tourists, offering them the much-needed warm shelter, food and medicines, at a time when a fierce blizzard pummelled the area on Friday.

Those trapped in the snow, including men, women and children as well as tourists, were provided food and medicine without any charge throughout the night. They were allowed to stay inside until the conditions return to normalcy.

The goodwill gesture from McDonald’s garnered heaps of praise from the people. Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Communication Dr Shahbaz Gill said that McDonald’s set a precedent by helping the affected people in a very difficult time.

“I personally visited the shelter above McDonald’s, [I saw] families, women and children and the elderly people present there. They were given shelter in McDonald’s. They were being provided food. There were heating arrangements,” Gill told The Express Tribune.

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“We were stranded here since 11 o’clock in the morning. There were too many cars stuck [in snow]. It became very difficult in the night when heavy snowfall continued,” a young tourist, who was rescued from the storm, told The Express Tribune.

“McDonald’s provided accommodation to us for the whole night and did not close its doors. We spent the whole night here,” he said. “We appreciate this act. Good job McDonald’s. You provided good facilities to us. You did the best for us,” he added.

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