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Commissioner Rawalpindi Syed Gulzar Hussain Shah directed the Nespak to prepare a complete plan within a week to remove the objections of the National Highway Authority (NHA) regarding the traffic management before the start of work on the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road will be constructed on the alignment of 2017. The NHA had expressed serious concerns over the entrance of 33,000 vehicles daily from the Ring Road to Motorway (M2), declaring this alignment unworkable.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road project management unit faces severe hardship in removing the NHA’s objections. A senior official of the project management unit said that the Punjab government has decided to construct the Rawalpindi Ring Road under the 2017 alignment, under which, the road will be constructed from N5-GT Road Rawat Banth Mor to Thalian Interchange M2.

The official said that the NHA still has the same objection that more than 33,000 heavy transport vehicles would enter the M2 from Rawalpindi Ring Road daily, which will not only damage its infrastructure but also cause a traffic jam at the Islamabad motorway toll plaza.

The Rawalpindi commissioner recently visited the Thalian Interchange to take into account the NHA objections.

The Rawalpindi commissioner has directed Nespak to come up with a complete plan about the traffic load from Thalian interchange to M2 in the next five to 10 years.

The consultant has been directed to prepare a detailed plan within a week so that the final approval of the Rawalpindi Ring Road alignment could be obtained from the NHA.

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