Nokia Lite Earbuds and Nokia Wired Buds launch in India

The Nokia Lite Earbuds have been on the European shelves for a while and now HMD Global is bringing them to India as well. Along with the wireless buds, the company announced the Nokia Wired Buds.

The Lite Earbuds have 6mm drivers and can last about 6 hours continuous playback and 36 hours with the extra charge in the case. The case has a 400 mAh battery and charges over USB-C. Gesture control and Google Assistant/Siri support are also on the list of features. The only available color is Charcoal and the price is INR 2,799 ($38).

Nokia Lite Earbuds and Nokia Wired Buds announced in India

The Wired Buds, on the other hand, connect using a 3.5mm audio jack and while there are no ANC or other fancy features like that, the passive isolation is great, HMD claims. That’s achieved through a special angled design. There’s also a microphone on the menu and support Google Assistant and Siri. The pair goes for just INR 299 ($4).


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