PC and tablets see strong sales in Q1 2022, Chromebook sales plummet 60% globally

The latest report from Canalys shows how PC, tablets, and Chromebook sales performed in the first quarter of 2022. Despite PC and tablet sales dropping by 3% to 118.1 million units, compared to Q1 2021, shipments are still strong compared to pre-pandemic times with a three-year CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 12% from Q1 2019. This doesn’t include Chromebooks, which sees a significant drop of 60% YoY in global shipments for Q1 2022.

Apple dominated in worldwide tablet sales with 14.88 million units shipped, down 2% with 38.2% market share. Samsung ranked second and shipped 7.86 million units with 20.4% market share. Amazon took Lenovo’s third-ranking spot with 3.57 million units, seeing a 3.3% increase YoY attributed by heavy discounts of Amazon Fire tablets, and Huawei took the number-5 spot with 1.68 million units shipped, taking 4.4% market share. Lenovo in third place managed to ship about 3 million units, but that’s down 20% from Q1 last year.

PC and tablets see strong sales performance in Q1 2022, Chromebook sales plummet 60% globally

In Q1 2022, 4.9 million Chromebooks were shipped globally. The dip in the number of shipments is attributed to the decline in consumer and education purchases of Chromebooks to support going to school from home. Canalys notes that North America makes up 72% of worldwide Chromebook shipments, and the market was a 64% decline in Chromebook shipments.

PC and tablets see strong sales performance in Q1 2022, Chromebook sales plummet 60% globally

Despite a 62% drop in Chromebooks, Lenovo managed to ship 1.22 million Chromebooks worldwide and took the leading spot with 24.9% market share. Acer and Dell ranked second and third, respectively, shipping 1.13 million units and taking 23.1% market share for Acer, and Dell shipped 876K with 17.9% share. HP saw the most significant drop in shipments, 82.2% with 775K units grabbing 15.8% share. Asus shipped 460K with 9.5$ share. All Chromebook brands fell this quarter, however. With Acer dropping 20.9%, Dell dropping 12.8%, and Asus falling 47.7%.

PC and tablets see strong sales performance in Q1 2022, Chromebook sales plummet 60% globally

Looking forward, the global tablet and PC markets will see increased pressure on the supply chain due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and pandemic-related lockdowns in China. Demand for Chromebooks is expected to rise in Asia Pacific where education deployments are expected to begin catering to price-conscious users. These developing education markets are finalizing plans to digitize which should fuel more Chromebook sales. Plus, Indonesia has started an initiative to produce Chromebooks locally for domestic education and export.

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