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Prices of daily use items including cooking oil, ghee, flour, sugar, lentils, white chickpeas, meat, milk and chicken have skyrocketed in the local market.

The district administration and price control committees have failed to enforce official price rates.

On the other hand, the grocery merchant association has threatened to stop the sale of lentils and sugar, if the government did not increase the price of lentils. The association has also submitted a requisition to the deputy commissioner for convening the meeting of district price control committees to determine the new prices.

In the open market after the increase, chicken is being sold for Rs 210 per kg, chicken meat at Rs315 per kg, eggs for Rs325 dozen, shaver farm eggs at Rs190 dozen, mutton at Rs1300 kg, beef at Rs700 per kg.

Similarly, flour is being sold at Rs70 per kg, ghee at Rs450 per kg, cooking oil at Rs455 per kg, sugar at Rs100 kg, milk at Rs130 per litre, yoghurt at Rs140 per kg, white chickpeas at Rs200 per kg, red beans at Rs190 per kg, bread at Rs12, bread yeast at Rs 15, naan at Rs20, paratha at Rs35, roghni naan at Rs 35.

Similarly, potatoes are being sold at Rs26 to Rs45, onion between Rs 24 to Rs40, garlic between Rs200 to Rs280, ginger between Rs300 to Rs340 per kg, tomatoea between Rs22 to Rs40, cucumber at Rs50, radish at Rs20, carrot at Rs40 per kg, lemons at Rs100, green chilies at Rs115, capsicum at Rs130 per kg.

Cabbage is being sold at Rs40, fresh been between Rs80 to Rs90 per kg, peas at Rs 120, apple between Rs70 to Rs180 per kg, guava between Rs50 to Rs100 per kg, grapefruit between Rs90 to Rs100 per dozen, malta at Rs100 to Rs130 per dozen.

Sunday and economic markets have also become the centre of inflation. National and multinational companies have also increased the prices of their products like surf, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and shaving cream by 25 to 30 per cent. Bakeries have also raised the prices of bread, buns, butter and rusk.


Published in The Express Tribune, January 10, 2022.

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