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The first Miyawaki Forest grown by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) at Rialto Chowk on Murree Road will be formally opened for public on Saturday (today).

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Amin Aslam will inaugurate the forest.

Work on the first Miyawaki Forest of Rawalpindi was started in April 2021 and completed in June. The growth of trees planted with the help of eco-friendly technique Miyawaki is 15 to 20 per cent faster than normally grown forest trees.

According to RDA Chairman Tariq Murtaza, the Miyawaki Forest has been planted on an area of 19,000 square feet and trees in the forest have now grown to an average height of 14 to 20 feet.

A total of 8,500 trees have been planted in the forest and of them, 52 are those kind of trees that are found in the Pothohar region, including kachnar, sunbal, jaman, mango, pomegranate, guava, apple, cucumber, pahlai, neem, emaltas, sukh chain, cyprus, fig, gul nishtar, guldar, bedi pata, sagwan, harid, and peepal.

Grass has also been grown in the forest where benches have been built for families.

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Separate study benches have been set up for students. Small nest houses have also been established to protect birds from the cold and save their eggs during the rainy season.

Apart from the deployment of guards, closed-circuit television cameras have also been installed for monitoring and security of Miyawaki Forest. Special lights have been installed, while visitors will use a large beautiful gate to enter the forest.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 18th, 2021.

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