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The recovery staff of the Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) has failed to achieve the revenue collection target during the last five months.

The corporation has collected 48 per cent less than the expected revenue during the past five months.

The RMC management had started recovery from different sites by deploying its clerical staff instead of awarding contracts after the local bodies were suspended.

If the contracts had been awarded by the RMC, the revenue during the past five months would have been Rs 20.71 million.

Prior to the restoration of the local bodies, the RMC administration had deployed clerks, sanitary workers, binders, loaders as recovery officials at different sites including slaughterhouses, bus stands, public washrooms and parking sites.

However, the recovery during the past five months remained limited to only Rs10.42 million which was only 52 per cent of the revenue target.

The RMC management has not awarded new contracts and now the task has been transferred to the elected representatives, who would award contracts.

According to official documents, the RMC could only recover Rs5 million in the last five months from the contractor of the slaughterhouse against an estimated income of Rs8.1 million.

The corporation was supposed to get Rs0.927 million from four units of municipal public washrooms but it could only recover Rs0.611 million.

Similarly, the recovery staff could only recover Rs1.964 million from six units of public washrooms against calculated revenue of Rs2.879 million.

The recovery from the local wagon stand remained limited to Rs0.493 million against the target of Rs0.722 million while the revenue from seven units of vehicles’ parking remained at Rs1.457 million against the expected sum of Rs3.1 million.

The revenue teams could only collect Rs1.03 million from contractors of the other four parking units against the expected revenue of Rs 1.290 million. Similarly, the recovery from the Pirwadhai bus stand during the past five months remained at Rs6.008 million instead of the target of Rs7.646 million.

The recovery from the wagon stand of Piwudhai was only Rs2.225 million instead expected revenue of Rs2.441.

In the absence of a regular contract, the RMC revenue staff often face extreme problems in the collection of revenue as citizens often quarrel with them over the fee.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 9th, 2021.

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