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The demand for dry fruits has increased during this winter season in the city despite of a remarkable price hike as compare to the last year.

Due to the change of weather in the city, the demand for dry fruits has started increasing and the prices have also soared gradually.

The shopkeepers of dry-fruits in different markets of the city has significantly hiked the prices because there was no proper check and balance on rates and missing rate lists by the market committees.

Reportedly, the peanuts were being sold in the city market at Rs400 to 600, which was 240 to 300 per kilogram last year, whereas Grams at Rs350 kg.

Moreover, almonds at Rs1,200 to Rs2,400 per kilogramme, pistachio at Rs2,400 kg respectively, varieties of walnut at Rs1,000 to Rs1,800 kg, dried-up dates at Rs300 kg to 400, pine nut at Rs5,000 kg, cashew at Rs2,400 to 3,000 while dried apricots were being sold at price of Rs1,200 to Rs1,800 per kg.

This year, the dry-fruits vendors have raised prices of dry fruits and charging exorbitant rates as there is no mechanism to control prices of such items by the district administration and market committees.

A dry fruit shopkeeper Muhammad Nawaz told APP that the dry fruit dealers use to store dry fruits, which has resulted into shortage of the commodities in the market and price hike.

He, however, maintained that this is only one reason of price hike.

The prices of dry fruits including almond, pistachio, walnut, Pine nut, date, cashew nut, apricot and peanut have increased in winter season as these are mostly demanded items, shopkeeper added.

Another shopkeeper Saleem Khan told that due to high prices of dry-fruits, sale of these items has been decreased upto 50% as compare to the previous year.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 7th, 2021.

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