Samsung Galaxy Buds2 finally get an all-black color variant

Samsung launched the Galaxy Buds2 wireless earphones in August in four colors – Black, White, Olive Green, and Lavender, all four of them with a case that was white from the outside. Several new paint jobs arrived since the initial launch, but none of them were all-black.

This is finally changing, starting today. The maker officially introduced the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 in Onyx Black, with the first market for the new paint job being South Korea and Germany.

Onyx Black Samsung Galaxy Buds2
Onyx Black Samsung Galaxy Buds2
Onyx Black Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Onyx Black Samsung Galaxy Buds2

The new Buds2 are already up for sale on Samsung’s website, as well as some online and offline retailers in the Asian country. The price is KRW149,000, which is equal to $117/€111. The variant is also listed in the European country for €99 (discounted from €149) but the company is currently taking registrations for users who want to be informed when the launch actually begins, for which there is no date whatsoever.

Samsung brought the Galaxy Buds2 as an update over the Buds+ and we’ve established they are great for casual music listeners and taking work calls. The company also revealed the Onyx Black variant will ship with 360 Audio – a software feature that locates where the sound is coming from and adapts when the head is rotated.

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