Samsung Galaxy S22 said to cost the same as its predecessor

Leaked marketing materials for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE promised a “great price”, a more recent leak revealed that to be €650. This is the exact same launching price as the S20 FE from last year.

What about the Galaxy S22 series? Rumor has it that the vanilla Galaxy S22 will start at $800 in the US, the same price as the Galaxy S21 this year (in Europe it cost €850). The US price of the S21 FE will presumably also match that of its predecessor, $700, so the small $100 price difference between the FE and the new flagship model will stay in place.

Samsung Galaxy S22 renders
Samsung Galaxy S22 renders
Samsung Galaxy S22 renders

Samsung Galaxy S22 renders (image credit)

According to Korean media, Samsung is planning to ship 14 million Galaxy S22 units, alongside 8 million S22+ and 11 million S22 Ultra phones. So, getting the price of the vanilla model right is important, since it is expected to be the most popular option.

Besides costing less, the Galaxy S21 FE is expected to arrive first – in early January – while the launch of the S22 series may have to wait until February.


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