Samsung posts unboxing of Maison Kitsune Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Buds2

Samsung announced a partnership with the Maison Kitsune fashion label, and today the company posted an unboxing of all products, branded with the magical fox. The video showcases the protective case for the Buds2, as well as the Galaxy Watch4 with two different straps.

There is also a theme for smartphones with One UI where the home button is actually the fox logo of the brand.

Both the Green and Cream White bands for the Galaxy Watch4 look gorgeous, but we suspect the cutout of the fox in the cream one might collect grime over time, so it would require extra maintenance.

The Galaxy Buds2 also have a neat detail – the logo is split in such a manner that the fox gets in the left ear and magically through a portal comes out from the right ear. The fox logo on the protective case is bass relief but is made of plastic, despite looking like a fabric patch.

The Galaxy Buds2 and Galaxy Watch4 Maison Kitsune wearables cost $250 and $350, respectively, or $100 more than their peasant variants with no magical foxes on them.


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