Samsung US offers up to $100 store credit for Galaxy S22 phones, $250 for Z Fold3

Update (April 21): Samsung changed up the offer slightly. First, you can get up to $1,000 of trade-in credit for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, up from $850. An old S21 Ultra in good condition is worth that much, but keep in mind that the you can send up to two devices (smartphone, tablet and/or smartwatch) to get the credit. Phones with cracked screens are accepted too (at a lower valuation).

The bigger change is that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is now part of the deal as well and you can support the purchase by trading in up to two old devices for up to $1,000 of credit. The base price for the 256 GB model (unlocked) is $1,800, so the trade-in credit can cover most of the cost. This deal is available at the Samsung US store.

The flagship foldable now also comes with $250 of instant Samsung Credit, quite a bit higher than the $100 that the S22 Ultra and S22+ get ($50 for the S22). This you can spend right after clicking ‘Continue’ on various accessories and Samsung products. Some of those are discounted by 30-50%, so the Instant Credit can buy more than its dollar value.

Especially with the Z Fold3’s $250 worth of Instant Credit. You can get a Galaxy Tab S7 FE (128 GB, Wi-Fi) basically for free – it is 56% off and costs $260. Same with a Galaxy Watch4 Classic (46 mm, Bluetooth), which is 30% off and costs $266.

Samsung US offers up to $100 store credit with a Galaxy S22 phone

One final note – the Galaxy Z Fold3 comes with $100 of Google Play Store credit that you can spend on apps, games, movies and books. Also, both the Z Fold3 and the S22 Ultra come with 4 free months of YouTube Premium, 3 free months of Spotify Premium and 6 free months of SiriusXM Streaming.

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During the pre-order period Samsung US was offering $50 discounts on the regular prices of the Galaxy S22 series – those regular prices being $800 for the S22, $1,000 for the S22+ and $1,200 for the S22 Ultra (for the base memory configuration). Those prices haven’t budged since then, however, the company has offered new ways to save some money almost every week.

This week the offer is simple – you get store credit with your purchase. The Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22+ come with $100 of Samsung Credit attached, the Galaxy S22 with $50. Note that this offer only for US customers.

You can get up to $100 instant Samsung Credit to spend on accessories, bundles and even tablets
You can get up to $100 instant Samsung Credit to spend on accessories, bundles and even tablets

You can get up to $100 instant Samsung Credit to spend on accessories, bundles and even tablets

Using the credit is pretty straightforward – after you pick out the phone configuration you like, you hit ‘Continue’ and you are taken to a page where you can spend your credit. Keep in mind that a lot of accessories are 20% off this week, so a $100 go further than usual.

You can keep it simple and just grab Samsung Care+ ($12/month), which covers accidental damage (drops, spills) and cheap screen repairs ($29).

Alternatively, you can pick up an extra gadget or three. For example, the Galaxy Watch4 (44 mm, Bluetooth) is 30% off right now and costs $196. The Galaxy Buds2 have their own discount and are selling for $130. A “fitness companion bundle” gets you the watch and Buds2 for $300 (a bit less than if you get them separately). This is before you apply the Credit, of course, so the Watch4 can be yours for under a hundred bucks.

One of the highest discounts is on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE – the Wi-Fi models (64, 128 and 256 GB) are 40% off, so the slate starts at $318.

Samsung US offers up to $100 store credit for a Galaxy S22 phone that you can spend immediately

Finally, don’t forget that the Enhanced Trade-in program is still active. This means you can send up to 2 old devices, including phones (in good condition or with a cracked screen), tablets and smartwatches.

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