Schools digest: Climate change, Russia’s mistakes, College Sports

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Climate change for schools. Read our special report on science, economics and politics, exploring extreme weather, the greenhouse effect, externalities, green jobs and student climate champions

Visual storytelling: How Russia’s mistakes and Ukrainian resistance altered Putin’s war

Maria Stepanova: The war of Putin’s imagination
An award-winning Russian writer on how fear as well as dictatorship led her homeland to launch its disastrous invasion of Ukraine

How is Ukraine using western weapons to exploit Russian weaknesses?
Moscow’s failure to make a lightning advance and capture major cities owes much to the use of compact equipment

How did a vast Amazon warehouse change life in a former mining town? Ten years after her groundbreaking investigation into the retail giant, Sarah O’Connor returns to Rugeley to find out what’s changed

Teacher picks

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Politics: Jal Patel picks for Global politics: Why politics limits climate ambitions. Read all our Politics picks here

Economics: Gavin Clarke picks for Externalities: We must pay the cost of carbon if we are to cut it. Read all our Economics picks here

IB DP Theory of knowledge: Michael Dunn picks for Natural and human sciences: The race to curb global warming. Read all our Theory of Knowledge picks here

Geography: Alasdair Monteith picks for Carbon and water cycle: The rise of ‘extreme weather attribution’. Read all our Geography picks here 

Business: Peter McGinn picks for People: P&O Ferries sacks 800 sailors and halts crossings for days. Read all our Business picks here

IB DP History: Read all our History picks here

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We must pay the cost of carbon if we are to cut it

Student picks

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Advait Chandramouli at Singapore American School picks My phone was controlling me, so I went on a digital diet.

Archanaa Baheerathan at the Stephen Perse Foundation picks What $1mn buys you in prime property around the world. This article showed the differences in property types around the world. It has made me curious about other aspects of real estate and I’ll be sure to check out more.

Pia Stern at the Charter School East Dulwich picks ‘War: what, is it good?’ — a new poem by Amanda Gorman. Her latest collection is about the interrelated crises of conflicts and pandemics. In January 2021, she became the youngest inaugural poet in US history and she continues to use her voice to empower youth to help eliminate inequality through education.

One to watch

NIL: the revolution in US college sports | FT Scoreboard

University sports stars can now make money from their name, image and likeness — but will they ever get paid to play?

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