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Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif has termed the non-provision of natural gas to consumers evidence of the government’s ineligibility and indifference on the matter.

In a statement issued on Sunday, he expressed concerns over the crisis that has “started even before the beginning of the winter season”.

Lamenting at the suspension of the utility to domestic consumers and industries, Shehbaz, who is also the Opposition Leader in the National Assembly, asked Prime Minister Imran Khan if he has succeeded in bringing ‘good days’ back to the people.

The PML-N president observed that the decision to provide gas to the domestic consumers three times a day spoke of the incumbent government’s lack of capability to handle the issue.

“Despite the fact that the country needs at least 18 more cargoes to fulfil the need, only 10 of them are being brought,” he said.

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Shehbaz, the younger brother of the PML-N supremo and former prime minster Nawaz Sharif, predicted a dearth of 300 million cubic feet to 400 million cubic feet in the future and feared that the situation may cause the operation of the industries to come to a halt, and give rise to joblessness.

On Friday, while speaking in the Senate, Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar said domestic gas reserves were depleting fast and the gas prices had not been increased since 2019.

Responding to a calling attention notice about the ongoing crisis, Azhar said a smooth gas supply would be ensured during breakfast, lunch and dinner timings to the consumers during the winter season.

According to the minister, around 70 per cent gas demand is being met through domestic reserves while the remaining 30 per cent through import, adding that Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is very expensive compared to local gas.

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