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The overcrowded shopping malls have been allowed to create a fully encroachment-free model bazaar to eliminate encroachments from the city and illegal parking permanently.

Parking is a very serious problem in the garrison city and to solve the issue, four big new commercial parking plazas have also been approved in the city. The new parking plazas will cost Rs200 million.

In the first phase, Iqbal Road from Committee Chowk to Fawara Chowk will be made the first model bazaar with proper parking lots. All kinds of encroachments will be completely removed from this market. Vehicles of traders and buyers will also not be allowed to park in front of shops and on roads.

This first model will be completely free from market encroachments and parking.

After this, Raja Bazaar, Jamia Masjid Road, Liaquat Road and Kashmiri Bazaar will be given the status of model bazaars phase-wise.

Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali said that there would be a grand operation in the city against encroachments after the parking lots were established.

He said that parking plazas will be set up at Bani Chowk, Committee Chowk and Commercial Market.

Expansion of the large parking plaza at Raja Bazaar Fawara Chowk will add one more roof, he said.

At the beginning of the new year, Committee Chowk to Fawara Chowk Iqbal Road will be declared a complete model bazaar.

The encroachments have tarnished the natural beauty of the city. In the future, encroachments in every market will be discouraged at every level.


Published in The Express Tribune, December 13th, 2021.

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