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Al-Shifa Trust held its first international research conference regarding the results of the clinical trial of the third and final phase of COVID-19.

Six hospitals were selected by the government for trials across the country, and Al-Shifa Trust Hospital Research Centre completed trials of 2,700 volunteers.

At the conference, experts were of the opinion that Pakistan has become a dependable country for clinical trials, as its results fared better than the other eight countries. They added that the country has become an important part of global research to combat the pandemic.

They also noted that Pakistan turned the pandemic problem into an opportunity for research and according to the participants of the conference, now Pakistan is being studied as a model in dealing with COVID-19.

World Health Organisation (WHO) Representative in Pakistan Dr Palitha Mahipala said that health and research facilities in Pakistan have rapidly transformed to cope with the challenge.

Dr Mahipala further said that Pakistani institutions should actively participate in local, regional and national clinical trials testing new therapies for COVID-19, adding that the country could earn around $150 million annually from these clinical trials.

Representing a Chinese company at the international conference, Miss Maria Song said that pharmaceutical companies are encouraged by the response of Pakistani authorities as well as health and research facilities, and that the outcome of trials are also quite promising.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 10th, 2021.

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