Sony has a pending patent for a 3D scanner that puts real-world objects into VR

Sony’s patent for a 3D scanner that can put real-world objects into virtual reality isn’t something new. In fact, the listing dates back to June last year, but since the patent office asked Sony to re-submit the documents with more details and the company has done so, we believe that the tech giant is serious about this endeavour.

The patent hasn’t been granted yet, but the documents reveal that the 3D scanner might be used to put real-life objects into the virtual world, or it can be used to better blend the real surrounding with the virtual one. Moreover, the user will be able to scan even bigger objects than just some small, handheld stuff. The only requirement is to be able to scan the object in 360-degree.

Keep in mind, though, since this is just a patent, don’t expect the tech to come around anytime soon and it may never leave the concept realm too.


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