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‘Floating house’ seeks to prevent future displacements | The Express Tribune

KARACHI: The recent devastating floods have damaged and destroyed hundreds of thousands of houses across Pakistan, leaving millions of people shelter-less. This happens after every few years and might start happening more frequently in future due to climate change. A group of Karachi University students have come up with a …

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جامعہ کراچی خودکش حملہ: خاتون کے شوہر پر ٹیررفنانسنگ کا مقدمہ درج

جامعہ کراچی میں چینی اساتذہ کو نشانہ بنانے والی خودکش بمبار خاتون کے شوہر اور دیگر پر مقدمہ درج کرلیا گیا۔ خاتون بمبار کے شوہر ہیبتان بشیر اور دیگر کے خلاف ٹیرر فنانسنگ کا مقدمہ سی ٹی ڈی تھانے میں انسپکٹر ثناء اللّٰہ کی مدعیت میں درج کیا گیا۔ مقدمے …

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KU professor faces jail term for harassing fellow teacher | The Express Tribune

KARACHI: A local court sentenced former University of Karachi (KU) professor Farhan Kamrani to ten years of rigorous imprisonment for sexually harassing a fellow woman peer. The East district and sessions judge announced the verdict at the Karachi City Court. The decision was reserved after arguments were completed by both …

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