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Australian PM doubles down on anti-China rhetoric to boost election bid

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is betting on a risky election strategy in his bid for another surprise come-from-behind election win: Turning China relations into a major campaign issue.The 53-year-old leader has recently painted the opposition Labor Party as pro-China, calling his main rival Anthony Albanese weak on national security …

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China bid to fund Australian election candidates foiled, reports say

Chinese spies sought to fund candidates for Australia’s centre-left Labor opposition party in an upcoming federal election but the plot was foiled by the Australian national security agency, multiple media outlets reported on Friday.The plot was arranged by an unnamed businessman with strong Chinese connections who sought to fund candidates …

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Scott Morrison’s ‘frozen’ WeChat account wasn’t hacked, say officials

The Australian opposition Labor party’s conclusion that there was no Chinese foreign interference in Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s WeChat social media account has sparked criticism from analysts that the government is making a mockery of the nation’s national security.On Monday, following a briefing with Australian national security agencies, the Shadow …

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