The 10 Best Colognes from Tom Ford

A roundup of the best Tom Ford cologne is almost like summarizing the best men’s colognes, period. This stuff is the Wagyu beef of fragrance—it’s not cheap, but any scent you pick from its collection is going to shine. But it can also be a somewhat difficult lineup to get your head around. The naming conventions are heavy on ironically over-the-top sex appeal, low on telling you what is actually smells like. But if you’ve never pondered what “Peach Prick” smells like, or the difference between Tuscan Leather and Ombré Leather, you’re in luck, because we sure have. In fact, over the years we’ve smelled our way through basically the entire line and now chosen our 10 favorites. The list below is in no particular order, aside from the top spot. Instead, we’ve got picks for different people, seasons, or occasions. There’s sure to be one that works for you. 

The Best Tom Ford Cologne, Period

If you came here looking for controversy or an upset, then keep scrolling. Oud Wood reigns supreme—it’s spicy, woody, ambrous, and yet despite all that heft, it is somehow bright and uplifting. It’s a no-brainer “signature”—you can sport it year round without much contradiction to the season or occasion. It just always smells good. 

The Best Tom Ford Fragrance for Winter

Tobacco Vanille, already one of our favorite tobacco scents, reads like a wintry recipe: vanilla, tonka beans, dry fruit, and cocoa. It makes for a sweet but soul-warming finish. It has what you might call “gentleman’s club” energy—but it’s heavier on “gentleman” than “club.” 

The Best Tom Ford Fragrance for Spring

Beau du Jour is the first of two fougere scents on this list, both of which highlight the shoulder seasons. This scent shines in spring for its lavender-rosemary-oakmoss mélange, and gives you that fresh-from-the-barbershop sensation. 

The Best Tom Ford Fragrance for Summer

Costa Azzurra sends you straight there, to the northern, deep-blue coasts of Italy. It marries fresh, herbaceous and aromatic notes with crisp citrus and uplifting evergreens, for a summery sensation—and a Mediterranean one at that. It takes second place in my book for the best potential signature scent of this list, after Oud Wood, and is a layup of a gift for any special occasion.

The Best Tom Ford Fragrance for Fall

Tom Ford Fougère D’Argent

Fougere #2 on this list is another lavender sensation, but a warmer, spicier, and even sweeter execution that Beau du Jour. Fougère D’Argent brilliantly juggles vanilla-tinged coumarin, ginger, and mandarin—think of it as a standby for a cold-weather date night. 

The Best Tom Ford Fragrance for the Man in Charge

The head honcho needs confidence, and in terms of cologne, he needs to cast a radius as smart and sophisticated as him. (Or, as he believes himself to be.) Ombré Leather plays to its name with a commanding leather base, rounded by vetiver and broadened by patchouli.

The Best Tom Ford Unisex Fragrance

Métallique is grossly underrated in the Tom Ford lineup, especially as a scent for men. It blends floral notes with crisp bergamot, spicy pink peppercorn, and a strong, creamy vanilla-sandalwood base. It’s one of the brand’s more “classic” scents in terms of its wear, with a universally pleasing cast (and a unisex friendly one at that). I think that people expect all Tom Ford fragrances to scream and shout, whereas this one plays by the rules and earns perfect marks for it. 

The Best Tom Ford Fragrance for Date Night

Let’s say off the bat that you wouldn’t want to slap this on on a summer morning: this is a big scent, with edible spice and citrus backed up with a woody base. But on the right night, when you want to smell delicious? It could be just the thing. 

The Best Tom Ford Fragrance for First-Time Wearers

Tom Ford Tom Ford for Men

While relatively strong by industry standards, this eponymous men’s fragrance is one of the lighter wears in the Tom Ford collection. It leans playful and springy thanks to its citrus and spicy accords, but is terrific for perennial wear thanks to an ambrous, woody base. It’s a great scent with which to embark on the Tom Ford journey, and at a more accessible price.

The Best Feminine Tom Ford Fragrance 

Gender in fragrance is a complicated issue, but this one certainly leans feminine, with powdery floral and musky notes. But in the era of painted nails and menswear skirts, any guy could pull this off—it’s the perfect scent for the new masculinity. 

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The Absolute Best Colognes For Men—and Anyone Else Who Wants to Smell a Little More Handsome

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