The $80 Sneakers You Should Swipe From Our Latest Cover Story

At this very moment, our special sports issue—featuring Mohamed Salah, the pride of Nagrig himself—is hitting shelves and flooding timelines the world over. Excited? You should be. (You are, no doubt, almost too excited to function.) But pull yourself together for a moment, because there’s important business to attend to. Take a look at the shot of Salah on our cover and you’ll notice a few things. One: a blinding, megawatt smile that says “I’ve already cemented my status as an all-time great, and I’m still going to smash my scoring record this season.” Two: a nubby Gucci topcoat with lapels so big you could land a plane on ‘em. And three: a low-key pair of sneakers with a distinctive trio of stripes on their sides. Any guess which one of them can be yours with but a few clicks?

Adidas Originals Gazelle sneakers

The sneakers in question are the Adidas Gazelle, a prototypical training shoe the three stripes first released in the ‘60s and reintroduced to the market—with much fanfare—in 2016. (Salah actually wears two pairs in the issue, a mossy green color on the cover and a muddied burgundy color in his solo spread.) The entire equation on display—gently-tailored overcoat + loose, cropped top + puddling trousers + retro sports kicks—is worth considering, but if you only copy one element it should be the Gazelles, a low-profile silhouette that gives the Samba a run for its money in the retro-cool department.

There was a moment in the late-2010s when the Adidas Gazelle was touted as the brand’s next big hit, a worthy inheritor of the mantle following the Stan Smith’s gradual slide into mainstream ubiquity. Today, though, the style still flies relatively under the radar, making it an ideal alternative if you’re looking to gear up like a champ without wearing your other sneakers into the ground. And needless to say, you don’t need the dexterous footwork of a global soccer phenom (dare we say…the best player in the world? We do.) to pull them off or appreciate their goes-with-everything appeal.

Adidas Originals Gazelle sneakers

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to buy something right off the tantalizing page of our front cover. Consider it yet another gesture of beneficence from a legendarily beneficent figure—and then move like Salah weaving towards the box to cop a pair of your own.

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