The Best Pillows to Cradle Your Sleepy Little Head

The Coop Home includes a little baggie of extra foam, and it’s easy to add more (or remove foam) until you’ve achieved the perfect amount of height. The adjustable loft is ideal, especially if you’re still trying to figure out what your actual ideal sleep position is in the first place. The adjustable pillow’s outer cover, made of bamboo and polyester, keeps the pillow cool, negating the one big downside of most memory foam pillows. At this price on Amazon, and with a 100-day guarantee and a five-year warranty, it’s a no-brainer pillow to buy right now.

The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Casper’s down alternative pillow has an inner and an outer core, both filled with a polyester fiber that’s plush and lets your head sink in (the inner core is slightly more dense to provide support). This setup works pretty well, and the polyester fiber inside stays evenly distributed throughout the night—no need to fluff it back up. You can think of it as the slightly less cushiony version of the Coop Home pillow. If you don’t know anything about your sleep preferences and your current pillow is one you’ve had since high school, then it’s likely you’ll love this Casper one. (And you have 100 days to find out for yourself.)

The Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Tempur-Pedic tempur-neck pillow

True to the Tempur-Pedic name, this ergonomic hunk of a neck pillow is made from the sleep brand’s signature cushioning, pressure-relieving Tempur foam. Unlike most pillows that provide a uniform sleep surface, this one has dedicated curves—one larger and one smaller—that prop up your head and neck when you’re side sleeping, or sleeping on your back (with the option to toggle between the two if you need extra height). The shorter end feels like you’re comfortably drifting off to sleep on a carved-out nook or shelf for your head, which is pretty delightful when you’re side sleeping and helps with alignment. Our tester recommends the taller end for slightly more elevation when sleeping on your back, and a little digestion aid if you like to snack at night. Despite the deliciously soft and foamy surface you might associate with Tempur-Pedic, you’ll find that it’s a very supportive pillow, with a firmness to it that ensures your head doesn’t sink in the way it might with a fluffier pillow. As a plus, the Tempur-Neck also comes with a removable and washable cover if you need to pop that sucker off for a wash, along with a five-year warranty. 

The Best Luxe Pillow

Some people want huge, fluffy, soft pillows, and who am we to stop them? This Saatva pillow is just like one of those large, glorious hotel pillows—wide and luxurious and what you’d imagine kings and queens slept on. It’s got an inner core of shredded latex and an outer core made up of synthetic fiber that actually feels something like the best down pillow, without the allergens. If you’re a stomach sleeper, this will be your dream. (And you’ve got 45 days to test.)

The Best Budget-Friendly Pillow

Beckham Hotel collection pillows (2-pack)

Perhaps you are scrolling through this list and are stunned to discover that most modern pillows cost upwards of $100. Where are the pillows of my youth? you are bellowing right now. The basic, affordable, non-memory-foam kind? Right here, as a matter of fact. At just $40 for a set of two, these Beckham Hotel Collection pillows (no relation to David, Posh, and/or any of their unfairly-good-looking children) might seem too good a deal to actually deliver. And yet, nearly 128,000 five-star Amazon reviews cannot be wrong! Here’s what those reviewers—and GQ’s own reviewer, who loved his initial set of two enough that he shelled out for another pair—fell in love with: They’re soft and comfortable, but still firm enough to not lose their shape; packed with a cooling down alternative that won’t cause your allergies to act up; and just the right height to sleep with one alone or stacked, depending on your preference. If you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss pillow—either for your own bed or to dress up your guest room with—this is the ticket.

The Best Organic Pillow 

Birch’s Organic Pillow is ideal for those who care about quality sourcing, and are willing to shell out a little more for some thoughtful fabrication details. It uses an all-natural crushed talalay latex core that comes wrapped in organic wool from New Zealand, one of the best of the best wool suppliers. The temperature-regulating wool gives this pillow a breathable and moisture-wicking exterior, while the organic, eco-friendly production aims to give you a more high-quality, hypoallergenic surface to sleep on (kind of crucial if you want to get through the night). 

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