The Biggest Fits of the Year


Jake Gyllenhaal

There is a world in which wearing a baby-pink tuxedo qualifies exclusively as a stunt. This…is not that world.



The dream of ‘90s Gap is still alive, and it is strong with the Haims (who are in fact wearing the quiet luxury brand of the moment: The Row).

Kevin Winter

Post Malone

A flex: wearing hard-to-get Chrome Hearts at all. A Post Malone-grade flex? Getting Chrome Hearts to custom-make you a leather trench coat to wear while performing at the Grammys.

Matt Winkelmeyer

Bad Bunny

This outfit brought to you by marshmallows.

Taylor Hill


The Thom Browne Guide to Red Carpet Dressing, Rule No. 276: the more pleats, the better.

Kevin Mazur

Harry Styles

What’s that famous Coco Chanel saying? Before you leave the house, add one thing you could have plausibly stolen from a Muppet?

Getty Images

Justin Bieber

Did Justin Bieber just revolutionize business casual? Or is he just giving us one more reason why Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia is our designer of the year.

Kevin Mazur

Jack Antonoff

The super-producer wears Gucci like a pro, which is to say: he wears it with exactly the same spirit and attitude as he does the gnarliest vintage tees in his closet.

Courtesy Louis Vuitton


A very modern kind of team uniform by the great Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton.


A$AP Rocky

A white tee with jeans is foolproof. A white tee with jeans and, uh, a pearl necklace-turned-wallet chain? Slightly higher degree of difficulty.

Taylor Hill

Jonah Hill

These matching Gucci suits Instant go into the Red Carpet Hall of Fame, Couples Dressing Division.

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